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Quick Announcement and a Favour…

November 11, 2020

Quick Announcement and a Favour…


After all our bushfire dramas here last year, right on top of Christmas, we’re gearing up for a really BIG fun festive season this year.

We’ve been working hard on a great way to Countdown to Christmas this year, and we think we have something really special lined up.

We have a bunch of our favourite patterns ready to go, but we need your help.  Before we finalise all this, we need to make sure we have covered everything.

This is where you come in.  Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey – there is really only one thing we want to ask you…

What are your two top types of patterns / quilt-making techniques that we need to include?  We’ve chosen ours, but would really appreciate some feedback on what you prefer.

Please just leave us a quick comment below.

Thanks again,


418 responses to “Quick Announcement and a Favour…”

  1. Theresa Powers says:

    Hand quilting

  2. Kathryn Collins Cookson says:

    Two block quilts that for a secondary pattern and pieced with appliqué

  3. Helen says:

    Scrappy quilt patterns to use up stash

  4. Jean Baumert says:

    Easy stash busting quilts for donation charity quilts. Scrap quilts for the same reason.

  5. Gianna Gorski says:

    Appliqué and hand quilting

  6. Chris Yelland says:

    Would love to see more bags, and maybe free motion quilting ideas

  7. Bobbie S says:

    My two favorite things(really three) are patterns that adapt well to be scrappy, chain pricing with leaders and enders projects.

  8. Kenna Webb says:

    Fun quick to make Christmas gifts, such as towels, table runners, any kitchen related gifts or gifts to give hostesses. I also look for items to make for loved ones in nursing homes. Kids are also great to have new ideas for. Gift basket ideas.

  9. Laraine Mitchell says:

    needle turn applique, & wool on wool applique

  10. Ingrid Renno says:

    Applique, hand quilting

  11. Amy J Schott says:

    Stash busters
    And personally looking for easy but huge! 5+ feet diameter tree skirt patterns

  12. Nancy Lewis says:

    Anything with precuts.

  13. Marilyn Rose says:

    Pieced – Free – Fast – relatively modern – something that’s not the normal stuff here in the States.

  14. Linda H says:

    free motion quilting ideas
    easy blocks like Hidden Wells and Anita’s Arrowhead – starting with larger pieces of fabric sewing together then cutting and resewing.

  15. Celeste says:

    Paper piecing and panel ideas

  16. Nancy Lewis says:

    Anything that uses precuts.

  17. sandy loewen says:

    I know they are EASY but I would like to see different jelly roll patterns

  18. Grandma says:

    Quilted projects for gifts are always appreciated by recipients.

  19. I really like patterns of table runners/ placemats, and bags; using patchwork stars, and also appliques of floral or animal designs.

  20. Betty J Kieran says:

    Scrappy quilts for charity and bags.

  21. Evelyn Jordan says:

    Easy blocks and scrap users

  22. Ethel Pierczynski says:

    Red work and quick raw edge appliqué.

  23. Paula Bloch says:

    Machine quilting tips and easy binding techniques.

  24. Deborah Dunnell says:

    Collage quilting and wool applique

  25. Brenda Ciesla says:

    I love paper piecing! I also like block patterns that when joined make a secondary pattern.

  26. Lynette Brown says:

    Easy piecing and strip piecing. Items that go together quickly.

  27. Grace says:

    Love all types of quilting, but need help with the finishing touches with designing the topstitching

  28. Diane M says:

    quick and easy lap quilts; quilted bags;

  29. Gay Burey says:

    Like Kathryn, love the two block patterns that form a secondary design. Love different strip piecing techniques with variations. Any split 4 patch, 9patch and pinwheel patterns. Just love patchwork and the health benefits that it can create for young and old.

  30. Vicki says:

    Paper piecing

  31. Sizanne says:

    Free motion and quilting ideas for scrappy quilt

  32. Barbara says:

    Easy scrappy

  33. Batbara says:

    Scrappy and colorful

  34. Janet Sabol says:

    I like machine piecing and walking foot quilting. I have quite a few pre-cuts of 10” squares and 2 1/2” strips.

  35. janet schmell says:

    I like unusual quilts but not modern, fabric projects. and whole cloth. I’m fairly new to my longarm and would like to see articiles on that.


    Piecing and Stitch in the ditch quilting

  37. Lynda Condie says:

    How about some hexi suggestions

  38. Lyn Snell says:

    easy quick patterns with stash busters and ideas that are useful not silly things that nobody ever uses.

  39. Sharon says:

    Mystery Quilts and table toppers

  40. Vicki Dunn says:

    Quick easy scrappy quilts for me .

  41. Jan says:

    How to overcome fear of free motion quilting or better yet how to avoid mistakes when free motion quilting?

  42. Donna Conroy says:

    Embroidered and applique blocks.

  43. Jan Ronk says:

    I prefer traditional quilt patterns that are not too difficult. Would love to learn more about quilt-as-you-go methods.

  44. Macherie Barber says:

    Log cabin and Stars [any kind] or Bear Claws.

  45. Barb Michel says:

    Fun 60 degree quilts

  46. Karen Rossington says:

    I enjoy piecing using precuts but I would really like some ideas for babies and boys as they are really hard to find.

  47. Pauline Hulett says:

    Blender blocks that can be adapted around a central panel print that won’t make the quilt too busy.
    Easier construction methods for a basket block to eliminate dealing with the bias.
    Hints, tips, or tricks for making art quilts. eg, types of fabrics that could be cut up & used for tree trunks, leaves, rocks, pebbles & water.

  48. Cheree Smith says:


  49. Billie Shabnon says:

    Foundation paper piecing and wool applique.

  50. Julie Burmeister says:

    Vintage patterns, please.

  51. Cathie Temple says:

    Collage work and scrap busters

  52. Angela says:

    Hand stitching and applique

  53. Carol Denning says:

    What Kenna said, gifts for nursing home patients, “smalls”; things I can finish !!

  54. Ethel Pierczynski says:

    Redwork and raw edge appliqué that is easy and quick

  55. Margaret Gumbs says:

    New York Beauty and paper pieceing

  56. Shirley Antonioli says:

    log cabin

  57. Sandy says:

    Simple quick ideas for quilts. Tips on different ways to do bindings.

  58. Love star quilts and english paper piecing

  59. Iris Harvey says:

    Christmas quickies I can help my granddaughters make.

  60. Maree McCormack says:

    I have just discovered quilting as you go which is much easier when using a domestic machine; so I’d love some more ideas on that, please. I also like applique blocks. I have made applique quilted blocks for each of my youngest grandchildren. The Aussie animal one I’ve just finished is my favourite.

  61. Tarr Elaine says:

    Southwestern landscape quilt used to show landscape techniques. Projects using small scrap pieces.

  62. Brenda Mulhollann says:

    I have so many books, patterns and dvds on patchwork and quilting I really don’t need anymore.Plus I have enough fabric to last me a lifetime. If you have a suggestion as to how to get more time to sew, then that would be appreciated.

  63. Brenda says:

    Christmas gifts to make and two block quilts that have a secondary pattern.

  64. Gail Nelson says:

    Scrap quilting to use up my stash and bits, Paper piecing.

  65. Helen says:

    Secondary patterns from two blocks

  66. Christina Duncan says:

    Foundation paper piecing.

  67. Donna Whittle says:

    I really like quilts that are relatively easy to make but look complicated! I’m a traditionalist whether pieced or applique’.

  68. Cynthia says:

    Easy paper-piecing patterns; small holiday projects

  69. Patty Kennedy says:

    Appliqué and paper piecing. I’d like to see more smaller projects.

  70. Shirley Shank says:

    Patterns that make a secondary pattern within the blocks. Embroidery, red work. Patterns that are assembled on the diagonal

  71. Susan Green says:

    Applique and hand quilting

  72. Pat Butler says:

    My favourite types of quilt patterns are pieced stars, and New York Beauty. I loved the intricacy of the piecing. Started out years ago piecing them by hand, then graduated to machine piecing these beautiful patterns. Best of all, they adapt well to either coordinated, planned colour schemes or scrappy beauties!

  73. Dixie says:

    Scrappy. Kaliascope quilts (stack & wrack)

  74. Lynette McDowell says:

    Free motion quilting ideas. I have already used the leaves twice. Hexagon ideas. Bags. Jackets and tops. Machine applique. Ideas for non quilt projects using all types of quilting techniques.

  75. Kathy says:

    Paper piecing and easy applique (starter) projects

  76. Trish says:

    easy gifts and scrap busters

  77. Donna Tierney says:

    Adding app liquid to a pieced quilt, making scrappy backgrounds on a quilt block

  78. Mary Fehr says:

    I like to see traditional quilts patterns and some longarm quilting ideas.

  79. Carolyn Favazzo says:

    I like pre cut patterns and also some quick to make patterns would be nice.

  80. Patricia Redmon says:

    My 2 favorites are foundation paper piecing and strip piecing.

  81. Regina Allen says:

    using pre-cuts in new ways

  82. flora thompson says:

    foundation paper piecing patterns, applique, machine quilting designs

  83. Robyn Allen says:

    Quick and easy quilts for last minute gifts
    Other quick project for gift giving

  84. Martha says:

    I like gift ideas, appliqué, paper piecing and would really like to learn to make fidget quilts for nursing homes.

  85. Peggy Martin says:

    Log cabins and double wedding rings.
    Two color quilts

  86. Gayle says:

    Small, quilt as you go projects for gift giving
    Modern quilts, improv quilting

  87. Deborah says:

    Anything to reduce my stash.

  88. GAIL says:

    Beginning quilter, but have sewn for years. More totes, zipper pouches and hand made simple gift ideas, please.

  89. Vicki says:

    Quick and easy HST quilts. Patterns to stash bust or use scraps for charity.

  90. Mary Anne says:

    Like many others, I always love stash busters and small gifts that look like something special (as opposed to something that looks as though it’s simply made to use up scraps).

  91. Debra says:

    Like a lot of people our group is doing a lot of charity quilts. So anything that can use up scraps and be quick but still look good.

  92. Heather Chaulk says:

    applique and paper piecing, I have not done much on the paper piecing but would like to learn

  93. simple scrappy quilts – COMPLETELY by machine Nothing Hand sewn (that’s torture)

  94. Sandra says:

    Quick quilts using fat quarters and pre cuts also interesting patterns for kids aged 3-7

  95. Judy says:

    Big blocks for scrappy quilts that are easy and fast to make but look classy at the same time.

  96. Penny says:

    unique smaller projects suitable for gifts

  97. Sheri Gleichauf says:

    How to quilt sections of the quilt on home machine and then put together

  98. Judy Strigel says:

    Quick and easy gifts using scraps

  99. Gayle says:

    A small mystery project lasting 3 – 4 publishing.
    Improv project.

  100. Cheryl says:

    Quick appliqué and scrappy quick projects

  101. laurie a says:

    Scrappy, and small quilts

  102. Bonnie Booy says:

    Paper-piecing, scrappy and Improv.

  103. Myrna says:

    I’m always looking for a different piecing pattern. Especially one I can use scraps and project leftovers for. Quick gift Ideas are always appreciated.

  104. Cathy says:

    True scrappy and appliqué

  105. Vivian Oaks says:

    Quick and easy gift ideas. Foundation Paper-Piecing is always tops on my list too. 🙂 Thanks!!

  106. Sharyn Worley says:

    I love scrappy quilts and smaller ideas like placemats, table runners and hand bags.

  107. Elaine Marshall says:

    I like traditional patterns adapted with batik/modern fabrics.

  108. Darlene says:

    Being a new quilter, I like everything but especially stars.

  109. Gladys Dodger says:

    I prefer to make pieced and paper pieced quilts. I would love to learn to make landscape quilts.

  110. Bettyanne Foster says:

    Colour wash!! And colour wash!!

  111. Heather says:

    Bags, with applique and/or quilting, patchwork

  112. Carolyn Garrod says:

    Easy, scrappy or gifts.

  113. Carol McClelland says:

    Quilt patterns that can be used with precuts and fabric from my stash.

  114. Elizabeth Robinson says:

    Easy quick ideas for charity quilts.

  115. Donna W. says:

    Ways to use scraps and quilted bag projects

  116. Zelma M Abbott says:

    Mask making using miniature quilt blocks .

  117. Mary says:

    Modern quilt pattern(s) that can showcase the quilting.

  118. Sandra Bassett says:

    quick and easy patterns for precuts

  119. Kay White says:

    Hand stitching , applique. machine quilting. Also jelly rolls

  120. Susanne says:

    Applique and hand quilting

  121. Log cabins using jelly rolls would be fun. Also a quilt as you go to use up

  122. Judy Brau says:

    Chain piecing, easy blocks, pre cut blocks

  123. Kassy Paris says:

    table runners wall hangings

  124. Ann says:

    I love making scrappy pieced quilts, but I have made lots and lots of them and now want to focus on smaller projects, including more paper piecing.

  125. Carol W Russell says:

    I love paper piecing and also Dresden plate patterns.

  126. Barbara Jackson says:

    I like all quilting projects and quilting crafts

  127. Jennine says:

    Would like more applique, especially for civil war fabrics

  128. Deb K Tilton says:

    I like scrap quilt patterns and free motion quilting on small machine.

  129. Rene Darier says:

    Traceable quilt patterns for borders that you trace from a pattern or on preprinted rolls already.
    Embroidered and quilted blocks to make items such as needle books, notions bag, etc.
    Beaded quilted bags and/or small items you can give as gifts

  130. Linda J says:

    Easy scrap busters and quilt patterns that can adapt to any size requirement

  131. Sally Henderson says:

    Quilt as you go

  132. Karen J says:

    Sampler quilts and English paper piecing

  133. Mona Cashman says:

    Scrappy and paper pieced quilts are my favs

  134. Maria Mercadante says:

    Needle turn applique and blanket stitch novelty quilts

  135. Joanne V says:

    I like seeing suggested “quilting” instead of just “quilt as desired”!

  136. Mary says:

    Ideas for small projects suitable for gift giving and donating to charities and nursing homes

  137. Shirley Helm says:

    Fun quick to make patterns.

  138. Meryl says:

    Raw edge appliqué, something to do with a 2” jelly roll, scrappy quilt from scrap box that don’t necessarily go together.

  139. Tracy says:

    Free motion quilting, quilt as you go patterns, gift ideas

  140. Jane says:

    English paper piecing. Pre cuts

  141. Dorothy Goldspink says:

    More bags and runners especially using scraps.

  142. Mickey says:

    Patterns using precuts

  143. Charlene Bower says:

    Template free patterns

    Reasonably simple American Beauty patterns

  144. Yolande James says:

    Easy precuts, especially jelly rolls, gift ideas, including bags.

  145. Patricia Simmons says:

    Hand quilting and stash-busting/scrappy quilts.

  146. melissa latter says:

    Paper piecing or simple blocks that create a secondary pattern. Also like 2 colour patterns

  147. Marilyn Larkin says:

    Well everyone has presented good ideas. I am at the stage now when I would like something to challenge me, perhaps complicated block designs, landscape/art quilts and my all time favourite applique with wool/wool felt oops overstepped the mark gone for 3. You are going to have a hard time selecting topics after everyone’s list.

  148. Amanda Harmon says:

    Two Block Patterns and Old Fashioned Styles.

  149. Sharyn Maguire says:

    Paper piecing and ideas for quilting with a quilting foot.

  150. Marilyn Long says:

    Bordering panels or large blocks

  151. Ann Robalino says:

    Like Maree McCormack I would love some quilt as you go ideas

  152. Cindy says:

    Easy piecing with larger pieces, a super-sized block.

  153. Teresa Lima says:

    I like any quilt looks nice I don’t do little quilt mine are all queen side I don’t do Christmas quilts even I like Christmas very much I on’t do them and many are very beautiful. thank you for sak my oponion .

  154. Karen Brake says:

    Appliqué and paper piecing

  155. annette tarrant says:

    I like stash buster patterns, applique and easy gifts

  156. Eileen Moore says:

    Gift ideas and stash busting patterns

  157. Carol Murray says:

    I have been printing photos and script on freezer paper backed material and would like more information about how other people do this. I also use heat and bond on the back of material to print on to then iron onto some blocks.

  158. Elna Munro says:

    Would love to see more bags

  159. Debby Hughey says:

    As of the last few months I am obsessed with making scrappy quilts with crumb blocks. The other kind of quilts I enjoy making are quirky applique blocks.

  160. Belle says:

    Paper piecing and applique. Machine quilting tips

  161. Pam MacKenzie says:

    Merry Christmas!!! Goodbye 2020!!!
    I am doing EPP Hexies and UFO Sampler.
    Plan to use layer cake & jelly roll 2021… any ideas welcome.
    Thank you

  162. Lynne M Seta says:

    adding embroidery to quilts & hand quilting refresher

  163. Trish Drinkwater says:

    Portable pieces – easy to take away plus gift ideas.

  164. Ethel says:

    How to encourage children to use the sewing machine, using easy and fun projects.

  165. Shirley Cordes says:

    Scrap quilt patterns and needle turn appliqué quilts. Simple patterns for each.

  166. Jessica L Cutright says:

    Scrappy and easy quilts

  167. Patricia Forbes says:

    I love little embroideries around a theme so that they can be put together in a quilt or wallhanging. I also love making bags.

  168. Pat Hughes says:

    Quick and easy scrappy, stash busting for knee or small quilts for Charity as i have lots of small pieces of fabric

  169. Lawrence J. Reynolds says:

    I like to do wall hangings that use the cut and fuse then zigzag around the edges. Something with snowmen is my favorite.

  170. Delissa Crellin says:

    I like Fat Quarter friendly patterns to use with my beautiful Tula Pink bundles. Also nothing too intricate.

  171. Maureen says:

    Handy hints and pattern for king size quilt. Thanks for all your help and Merry Christmas

  172. Joanne says:

    Applique and also quick projects such as table runners or purses/totes.

  173. Jenny says:

    Foundation paper piecing and applique.

  174. AUDREY EDWARDS says:

    i just like sewing, anything requiring a needle and thread and sewing machine, i’m happy, Audrey

  175. An Cooper says:

    Quilt patterns for men, King and Queen size quilts

  176. Desley Smith says:

    I like using pre cuts and also applique done on the machine

  177. Irene Chute says:

    my go to pattern for a quick quilt is disappearing ninepatch, and for more challenging I like paper piecing

  178. Pamela R Weiler says:

    One block wonder quilts…

  179. Kim says:

    I love appliqué and quilting designs as well as quick gifts to make for family and friends.

  180. Alice kraft says:

    Since I m I stay do charity quilts I prefer quilts with 10-12″ (maybe even 8″) blocks. Something that looks more complicated than it really is.

  181. Barb Rice says:

    Classy quilts for guys

  182. Dawn Mason says:

    Foundation or paper piecing please

  183. Dawn Mason says:

    Fidget or Quiet book patterns

  184. Karen G says:

    I’m enjoying the 3yard quilt series patterns. Great for donation quilts. I also like scrappy quilts.

  185. Jan Smart says:

    Applique is my favourite but I also like ideas for gifts and using up scraps.

  186. Margaret Righini says:

    Scrap buster quilts for charity and quilt as you go information would be wonderful

  187. Glynis Scott says:

    I like paper piecing and appliqué.

  188. Terry Helms says:

    More negative space – when you join the blocks, there aren’t a lot of points you have to match up – so the quilt-as-you-go technique is more doable. More of the classics, like log cabin and drunkards path.

  189. Anne says:

    Easy Christmas gifts and appliqué please

  190. Sharon Murdock says:

    – smaller hand quilting projects
    – wall hanging ideas
    What is a fidget quilt?

    • Jody Admin says:

      A fidget quilt is often made for dementia patients, as a lap quilt size – you add all sorts of tactile things that fingers can play with. Supposed to help concentration and focus and keep minds busy and occupied. Works well for ADHD kids too.

  191. Viv says:

    Stash busters and gift ideas. Also simple patterns to use as charity quilts.

  192. JESS PEAK says:

    Paper piecing, not too small, pre-cut ( or scrap busting your stash) with a modrern take for Australian Christmas.

  193. Elainr says:

    Quick patterns for charity quilts, and help deciding how to quilt a project on my home machine.

  194. Rhona Andersson says:

    Ideas for panels, and some things in between beginner, and really experienced that take us up the steps.

  195. Kerry Davidson says:

    I would like to make a queen size Carpenter’s Star quilt. Apart from that I like all techniques, especially with a bit of a modern feel. Also would like FMQ or straight line quilting ideas. Thanks

  196. Dawn Holmes says:

    Gift ideas for children

  197. Rhoda Sheridan says:

    Scrap quilts, that really use up my stash and paper pieced quilts. Thank you for doing this, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with

  198. Ellen says:

    applique and hand quilting

  199. Ruth Shanks says:

    Blocks which make a secondary pattern.
    Table runners

  200. Elaine Gowing says:

    Difficult looking blocks but made in a simplified manner – “Disappearing nine Patch” comes to mind as an example

  201. Cheryl R. says:

    Hand quilting and Applique please.

  202. Judy Clark says:

    Hand quilting
    Scrap or stash quilt patterns

  203. Josie says:

    Quilt as you go

  204. Cris Funkhouser says:

    I’d like to see things about decorative applique or landscape quilting. Textured quilts and what fabric is best to use for handing panels not quilts perse

  205. Barbara A Johnson says:

    I do a lot of traditional quilts but I am trying to branch out and to some non traditional stuff. Like to see some of the new stuff included

  206. Sally Sibley says:

    I prefer Quilt As You Go projects and jelly roll projects.I am the president of a quilting guild, so I can use any kind of projects/info/new ideas. Thank you for a great magazine

  207. Lyndall Rowe says:

    Quilts using panels and quick and easy quilts for charity gifting, Thank You

  208. Isabell Valenti says:

    I love paper piecing as well as making lovely matching items for the kitchen

  209. Patricia Howarth says:

    Quilt as you go
    Hand quilting

  210. Lorna W. says:

    Paper piecing please. I would like to know how to make a paper piece pattern as well.

  211. Pat says:

    I don’t really have a favourite, usually whatever takes you fancy at the time. So not much help but enjoy the magazine.

  212. Fran says:

    Hand & machine applique, embellishment of quilts – Thanks for a great online mag!

  213. Antoinette Schrammeyer says:

    I love making fabric slabs – using up scraps of fabric. Another version of crazy quilting maybe. Lots of fun

  214. Jody Price says:

    Love to learn more about Quilt as you go method. Unusual gifts to make. Really anything related to piecing.

  215. Yvette de Jager says:

    I’d love to see more about various binding methods and ways to prettify the binding.

  216. Helga says:

    Jelly roll and other precut patterns

  217. Rose says:

    Applique , Baltimore type quilts

  218. Heicke Keefe says:

    hand quilting and needle turn applique as I have never done either of these

  219. Nancy Castledine says:

    Scrappy Quilt Patterns to be able to use my large stash and be able to donate to Charities

  220. Deb says:

    Quilt as you go. Scrappy leader and ender quilts.

  221. Rossana Premoli says:

    Applique and quick gifts ideas

  222. Ann LaVertu says:

    I like fast and easy as I’m new to the quilting part

  223. Maureen Butler says:

    Quick useful gifts and stash buster ideas.

  224. Bern says:

    I’d love to see smaller quilts as wall hangings – can do more and have fun with lots more ideas rather than one large time consuming quilt.

  225. Julie Lynch says:

    Patterns for large print fabrics, where you don’t cut the pieces too small, so keep the beauty of the fabric.

  226. Margaret Rogers says:

    Bags, scrappy quilts and raw edge applique.


    Jelly roll patterns and bags

  228. Kathleen Yale says:

    Lap quilts as well as panel lap quilts 🌷🌷🌷

  229. Antje says:

    Mystery projects, not so common bags, christmas tree skirt and applique

  230. Jessie says:

    I like some traditional blocks but like them to be bright. My other favourite is three dimensional

  231. Win Gray says:

    Quick and easy for Christmas gifts and donations to charity and hospitals

  232. Jennifer Gearing says:

    A Nativity Scene

  233. Helena says:

    Quirky wall hangings and art quilts

  234. Julie Coppleman says:

    Love Table runners and placemats. But maybe an easy method of quilting as you go. There are several methods but not always successful.

  235. Monika Dorelat says:

    Children and charity quilts.

  236. Elizabeth Corbett says:

    Applique and crazy quilting

  237. Alma Rose says:

    Gift ideas for
    teenage grandchildren

  238. Jacqui Bendeich says:

    Ideas for my stash and easy block patterns.many good suggestions in the above comments

  239. Anne says:

    I love bags and gift ideas and free motion quilting

  240. Christine Auburn says:

    Foundation quilting
    Quilt as you go

  241. Elaine Powney says:

    Scrappy quilts with 2 1/2 in. squares to use up my stash.
    Enjoy making placemats.

  242. tris Thompson says:

    Applique, machine embroidered and quilting ideas, useful bag ideas to carry hand sanitizer and masks easily on my person or attached to a bag that I don’t need to put down anywhere

  243. Jill says:

    Paper piecing.. applique…. reproduce t ion quilrs

  244. Jan Fish-Veno says:

    If you have included all of the above than I think everyone will be happy and enjoy the newsletters

  245. Lois Ward says:

    Interesting and different/unusual Christmas fabric decorations.
    Simple quilt as you go projects

  246. Zeev says:

    Precuts, stash, jelly role.

  247. Barbara says:

    Quilting and appliqué and a lot of what the others have answered

  248. Marie says:

    Bargello and quilting with rulers please

  249. Linda Frazer says:

    Love Applique but would love some Australian themed Christmas project snowmen and snow not quite applicable to Australia

  250. Linda says:

    A Christmas Tree skirt would be great please.

  251. Isobel McBay says:

    Walking foot quilting.
    Practical gift ideas.

  252. Gail Grills says:

    I love reading and looking, however I don’t make many items. I enjoy QAYG, and patterns which are simple but eye-catching, such as a secondary pattern. Love your magazine, thank you!

  253. Elsie Clarke says:

    Quick and easy gifts, disappearing nine patch projects, table runners and place mats and coasters

  254. Sue Gauci says:

    Easy quilts using pre cut fabrics.

  255. Karen says:

    I enjoy art type quilts and would love ideas on fabric combinations. Thanking you, wishing all a happy Christmas

  256. Kathleen Piersol says:

    I like piecing and paper piecing (foundation). Free motion quilting ideas also appreciated.

  257. Diane Sewell says:

    Applique and smaller pieces of work – I’ve got to many big quilts and family are beginning to decline anymore too!

  258. Pauline Calvert says:

    Free motion quilting and stash busting ideas

  259. R. S. Mills says:

    Any kind of quick gifts. I’m making mug rugs and placemats for family and friends this year. How about table runners and tea towels. Really anything that uses leftovers.

  260. Linda Lupton says:

    free motion quilting (Kennedy) and organization (Bortolloto) are my two favorites along with Leah Day’s column. More of the same, please, thanks!

  261. Brenda Sheard says:

    Applique and Foundation Paper Piecing

  262. Heather says:

    I would like quilt as you go ideas and also overcoming trepidation of free motion quilting.

  263. Priscilla Obermeyer says:

    I enjoy the stash busting, scrappy quilting and would really enjoy the binding classes..

  264. Ilse De Koker says:

    i wish to learn free motion quilting.
    Scrappy quilting
    Modern layouts

  265. Ina Vanderkooy says:

    By all that I have seen in the reply’s there is really nothing for me to add. You are doing a great job and I enjoy the magazine. With that. I’m looking forward to the Christmas issue.

  266. Ruthie Peterburg says:

    Applique and Piecing and large sized blocks if possible.

  267. Donna Rowe says:

    Some quick projects would be wonderful. A quick gift bag to double as a drawstring back pack, pin cushions, unique stocking, pillow

  268. Sue Johnston says:

    Applique, quilts featuring new techniques to try, modern quilts.

  269. Maria Darling says:

    I enjoy differnet wall hangings, and table runners for the holiday that are made of Jelly Rolls and/or pieced, also can be made from panels.

  270. Cynthia Schleicher says:

    Med wall hanging, or table topper with areas for machine embroidery.

  271. Linda says:

    Paper Piecing

  272. Evelyn A says:

    Bargello designs, please!

  273. Maureen STONE says:

    Stash busters , scrappy quilts, bags.

  274. Margaret says:

    easy gift patterns and short tutorials re things like binding, needleturn applique,embroidery stitches etc.

  275. Penny Johnson says:

    Quilt as you go.
    Dimensional quilting.
    Weave quilting.
    Origami quilting.

  276. Joyce says:

    One square with a secondary pattern when put together is awesome!

  277. Linda Marsh says:

    Scrappy quilts pieced by machine. Would love to see more patterns in your magazine.

  278. Jill Davies says:

    I’d love to see some big block quilts and applique quilts.

  279. Coralee Moss says:

    Foundation paper piecing

  280. Linda G Duncan says:

    Scrap quilts and machine quilting

  281. Linda Barie says:

    any pre-cut pattern works for me.

  282. Jennifer Moore says:

    Hand quilting and sewing

  283. Toni Nicholson says:

    Disappearing patch quilts. Different ways to do these.

  284. Chele says:

    Fast piecing (like chain piecing) and assembly so something can be made in an afternoon or day. You might think about a 20-24” pillow block that can be duplicated for making any size quilt baby to king.

  285. Tina Miller says:

    My current passion is wool applique and my all-time go-to is anything paper-piecing. I love how you can get perfect points and the quilt designs are so intricate with paper-piecing.

  286. Marty Askins says:

    Scrappy and stash busting quilts

  287. Lois says:

    Quilts using scraps and my stash to make lap sized charity quilts that are quick and easy to quilt

  288. Odile Gouzon says:

    Scrap quilts hand pieced or appliqué and quilting. Merci

  289. Betty Lou says:

    Unusual quilts that aren’t the “normal” – quilts that are challenging to make for quilters who have been quilting for many years.

  290. Joan says:

    I’m trying to get “boxes” of scrap cut into usable pieces, so scrap type design would be my idea. With over 50 years of scrap there are lots!!!

  291. Linda says:

    Projects to use up scraps and quick gifts

  292. Wendy Fittler says:

    I love foundation piecing and would also like some tips for various ways to quilt as you go.

  293. Joy Bradley says:

    Ideas to use my excessive Christmas fabric stash! Lots of novelty prints I hate to cut up.

  294. Joyce says:

    Improv piecing and scrap busting.

  295. Sarah Friedman says:

    English paper piecing ideas, tips on quilt as you go when making a large quilt.

  296. Paula Imbro says:

    scrap quilts and quilting with rulers

  297. Renee Tarpy says:

    Anything that can use up scraps. I tend to save my scraps, and cut them down to at least 1-1/2. I am on overload. I love any type of challenge.

  298. CYNTHIA MCKEOWN says:


  299. Roxanne Rogowski says:

    anything quilting

  300. Rose Pullen says:

    My favorite is small projects that teach new skills ie mug rugs. Also I enjoy scrappy patchwork.

  301. R Miller says:

    scrap quilts; hand quilting

  302. Janis Voldbakken says:

    Some of the history of a quilt pattern but, all of it. I love quilting!

  303. Dyann Beckham- Roseberry says:

    Hello all! My favorite technique is “quilt as you go”. I find it difficult to put a big quilt thru the sewing machine because of space. When I learned to use this technique, I found it to be much easier and less stress.

  304. Kim Sullivan says:

    How about some modern, quick quilts? And English paper piecing ideas or other small hand sewing to be able to sit with the family in the evening and still sew!

  305. Reba Walker says:

    I like traditional and disappearing 9 patch or other secondary blocks.

  306. Kathryn Shupe says:

    I love any type of appliqué as well as foundation/paper piecing.

  307. Janet says:

    I love handwork – embroidery, hand quilting, bead embroidery, applique. But I also love my machine work – scrappy quilts especially. I am in what I am told are my “senior” years, so I am trying to use what I have.

  308. Dee says:

    I would like to see an easy to do free motion quilting.

  309. Cindy says:

    Patterns that lend well to using scraps, but won’t look so busy you loose the pattern!

  310. Donna Giboney says:

    Christmas Ornaments

  311. Vicky says:

    Handmade gifts and ideas for making quilt borders…

  312. Tammy LeDuke says:

    I LOVE scrappy and would love an article on how to square up a large quilt.

  313. Mary Wenszell says:

    I love using precuts and would like to have some stash busting patterns.

  314. Denise Riel says:

    Panel quilt patterns & FMQ designs

  315. Donna Exe says:

    I just love all quilt patterns. Applique, scrappy, very easy and quick are the ones I usually try to do. Working on exchange blocks for group. I do machine embroidery also. Now I have to tackle quilting my own quilts as my longarmer friend moved out of state. So that is my new project learning to quilt my tops

  316. Bev Palmer says:

    HST blocks, simple paterns that look complicated


    needle turn applique and wool applique

  318. Ellen Speak says:

    Actually 3 things I would like to see more of are quick and easy blocks, more hand quilting, and patterns for bags.

  319. Glenna says:

    After this year , I am up for anything

  320. Nikki Cairns says:

    Reverse applique and paper foundation piecing

  321. Jill Scholes says:

    Hand applique, hand applique hand applique. Trees, candy canes, anything traditional Christmas.

  322. Nancy Smith says:

    I love what everyone has said. I don’t have anything different.

  323. Nicki Slater says:

    Paper piecing please!

  324. Janet Marie Fedor says:

    easy scrap quilts, scrappy gifts

  325. Linda Dale says:

    English Paper Piecing patterns and quilt as you go.

  326. Fun quilts
    easy & quick quilts

  327. Patricia (Patsy) Musaraca says:

    more modern one block patterns, especially using batiks and grunge

  328. Kathy says:

    foundation paper piecing

  329. Paula Lund says:

    Just clear instructions on the more advanced quilts.

  330. Mary Valley says:

    I like quilts with Santas and Snowmen. I especially like wall hangings and quick pieces to make.

  331. Debbie says:

    I love doing star blocks that use my stash to help lower that and a secondary block evolving is great

  332. Linda Fentriss says:

    Red, white and blue for Quilts of Valor. Something other than stars.

  333. Linda Nakamura says:

    Quick and easy charity quilts. Quick and easy Christmas projects that will be also good presents.

  334. Sharon says:

    Quick and easy is what I need these days, but as a fairly new quilter, I love to try new techniques on smaller projects.

  335. Scott Laughlin says:

    Thanks for remembering me.

  336. Sheila says:

    I would appreciate more info on Quilt-as-you-go quilting. I’m trying to use this process to do a t-shirt quilt for my son – king sized – using both the fronts of the shirts against the backs of same.

  337. paper piecing and two block quilts with third pattern

  338. Maureen Pickett says:

    I enjoy embroidery designs for quilts, also patchwork and wool embroidery. fabulous magazine, keep up the good work

  339. Cathy says:

    Quilt-as-you-go and novel gift ideas would really be appreciated

  340. ParrievJenkins says:

    Ways to use my stash, small quilts

  341. Lynda says:

    Scrappy quilts, quilted Christmas wreath, free machine quilting

  342. Judie says:

    (Wool) Appliqué and seasonal wall hangings.
    Thank you

  343. Jan Rohring says:

    Scrappy quilt designs and 10” square ideas

  344. Roberta says:

    Scrap quilts and paper piecing

  345. Ann Johnston says:

    I would like to se some more motives for applique and binding, and hand quilting

  346. Carol Sorvig says:

    I’m a scrappy quilter that loves applique

  347. Karin says:

    Any quick gifts or easy trashbusters.

  348. Denise says:

    Modern paper-pieced patterns

  349. Karen Jurd says:

    I think everything has been covered by all of the above comments.

  350. Anne Coldron says:

    I see you have several requests for Quilt As You Go. I have an excellent book on QAYG by Monica Poole which I bought in a pack at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Show about 3 years ago. It doesn’t seem to be available any more, She doesn’t seem to have a web site or be on Facebook but if you can track her down it really is the quickest and easiest QAYG. Although the book has the ‘tram lines’ on the front I have made a few quilts with the trams on the back so I don’t lose the secondary pattern on the top and it works just as well.

  351. Marian says:

    maybe some new techniques such as Hawai’ian quilting and tying (sp?) quilting instead of stitching quilting

  352. Karyl says:

    Patterns and Ideas to use up scraps

  353. Robyn Kompa says:

    scrap busters and jelly roll patterns

  354. Mary says:

    I would love to see patterns using three yards of fabric. Also, anything Scrappy and easy, fast donation quilt patterns.

  355. Jacqueline Bonnier says:

    I rather love modern patchwork and quilting at this moment
    I’ve done patchwork since 1991, so I’ve passed all the easy blocs and technics…..
    Don’t bader, I always find something I didn’t knew !!!!

  356. CHRISTINE GANT says:

    I love paper piecing and blocks that begin life as one block and morph into something else…i.e. disappearing 9-patch.

  357. Catherine Rawes says:

    stash busting quilts and hand quilting.

  358. Judy says:

    I love paper piecing, scrap quilting, Hand turned appliqué and hand quilting if that is a help to you.

  359. Jane says:

    Christmas or anytime gifts and quick quilt projects

  360. Dianne Duff says:

    Different patterns for Jelly rolls using ombre fabrics, and short cut for the hunter’s star pattern to avoid bias edges

  361. Dianne Duff says:

    Patterns for using Jelly rolls in ombre, as well shortcuts to avoid bias edges for the Hunter’s star quilt

  362. Christiana Dean says:

    More hand quilting designs

  363. Kimbra says:

    Hi, appliqué, freemotion quilting and ruler work.

    I appreciate the free motion lessons you already have, the tips and tricks and the stories of the quilting cat.

  364. Audrey Watt says:

    Christmas wall hanging.

  365. Marylyn Springer says:

    Applique, especially raw-edge.

  366. Peggy says:

    Wool Applique/paper piecing/quilt as you go

  367. Anne Mullis says:

    machine applique’ and collage quilts (Laura Heine)

  368. beth daniels says:

    I like traditional piecing and stashbusting and scrappy quilt patterns

  369. Leanne McKenna says:

    Quilted gift patterns and jelly roll patterns

  370. CynthiaMahdalik says:

    Hand quilting and applique; miniatures

  371. Kathy says:

    Traditional piecing on the sewing machine, some large stitch hand quilting and machine quilting

  372. suzanne guthrie says:

    scrappy quilts for charity quilting

  373. Rae Bannon says:

    Maybe something that shows how to quilt with rulers/templates

  374. Christine Boehnert says:

    scrappy quilts/bags.

  375. Dorothy Eaton says:

    I would like more information on paper piecing, and free motion quitting.

  376. Laurie Fromm says:

    I enjoy your magazine but right now I am working on learning to quilt using my Brother Luminaire. This is a topic that is a little specific for you to do.
    I enjoy many types of quilting.

  377. Fay Meikle says:

    excellent coverage

  378. Dee Bierstedt says:

    I would like quick quilt patterns and tabletoppers.

  379. mary says:

    scrappy quilts for charity donations and stash busters–easy

  380. Ronda Martin says:

    I would like to see some patterns for Christmas table runners incorporating Poinsettias.

  381. Jane Hilliard says:

    Stash busting, scrap blocks & applique.

  382. Ruth Glennon says:

    Machine applique and paper piecing.

  383. Margaret Harmon says:

    Wool on wool as applique, scrappy stash buster quilts, love the FMQ info already included. I don’t really do bags much but love making quilts, quilted pillow tops, table runners. Just am pleased to get the magazine and continue to be inspired with new techniques, ideas.

  384. Sue Lies says:

    I have many old magazine/books, and online quilting sites that I use for inspiration to make each quilt so it is special for the individual I’m making it for, and often combine 3 different patterns. So far I have not been disappointed with your monthly magazine, and have printed out different ones that interest me for later incorporation into my current effort. I enjoy the tips, the different techniques, and the pictures from other peoples work. It is a great magazine.

  385. sandra wilkinson says:

    Table toppers and bags

  386. Bev Weston says:

    I love most things sewing. Maybe more things quilt as you go.

  387. Sharen Gibbons says:

    Table toppers and bags also I love most things sewing. Maybe more things quilt as you go.

  388. Jan Allwood says:

    Applique and hand quilting

  389. Pam says:

    Modern using Kate fassett

  390. j a connor says:

    Another vote for scrap ideas and chenilling

  391. Anne Ibrahim says:

    Art quilts/applique/paper piecing

  392. Joyce says:

    Scrappy / stashy little projects (quick finish, easy)
    Free motion ideas / techniques / tutorials

  393. Marie Istre says:

    I want to learn to quilt a bargello quilt.
    Also my favorite is anything log cabin.

  394. Willa Thiele says:

    I like to try all kinds of quilting patterns. Hand quilting is my favorite way to finish my quilts.

  395. JOANNE ALBURGER says:

    luv your magazine…is there a way to easily access past issues? would luv to see block o month all together as a quilt at end of year. Do a mystery.

    • Jody Admin says:

      Hi Joanne!
      Subscription to our Premium magazine also includes access to our archives, which gives you access to 10+ years of our past issues and patterns. We’ve had a couple of mystery quilts in this time, and several BOMs, and thanks for your suggestion – we will look into another mystery BOM to start maybe next year.

  396. Sandy May says:

    Scrappy quilts and modern or improv quilts.

  397. Gina says:

    Two of my favorite methods are paper piecing and improv piecing. Would love to see more of these types of techniques if possible. Thanks!

  398. Kathy Weller says:

    I like traditional construction and have enjoyed paper piecing. Most of my projects tend to be scrappy and original designs.

  399. Connie Maxine Glasgow-White says:

    I enjoy using applique in my quilting and paper piecing.

  400. Connie Maxine Glasgow says:

    I enjoy using applique in my quilting and paper piecing.

  401. RevaBeth Russell says:

    Machine binding that looks good.

  402. Carol says:

    Love all the ideas for small gifts for nursing homes, two-color quilts, stash busters, and quilt as you go so that when I’m done I’m done!

  403. Quick and easy gift ideas, and quilt as you go.

  404. Linda Pence says:

    Machine binding

  405. Dell Dent says:

    Sorry Jodie, I am getting past the quilting stage of my life.

  406. Neva Kreutziger says:

    I have to say that there have been lots of good suggestions. So I will just go with them.

  407. Berrill Ley says:

    if its for Christmas then Christmas gifts, craft etc…..otherwise stuff for Easter and Valentines
    Something DIFFERENT, fed up with the same old same old

  408. Kaylene Morgan says:

    Anything that uses up scraps

  409. Trena says:

    Hand piecing and hand quilting techniques please. Thank you

  410. Lorraine Schafer says:

    Handbags/bags and freehand meandering

  411. Melita Benedetti says:

    Love new blocks eg. block of the month and lots of table runners, lap quilts and Xmas gift crafts.

  412. Martha says:

    Craft and hand appliqué

  413. Donna Lindner says:

    I’d like to see quilts inspired by photographs. I have thousands of photos I’ve taken over time, thousands!

  414. MaryAnn Niemi says:

    Love to see quilts done in a couple of different colors/prints!

  415. Lorraine Irvine says:

    More ideas for charity quilts

  416. PATRICIA DAVIES says:

    My two top quilts are scrappy and panels. I sew for Victoria quilts and get a lot of random fabric donations (scrappy). I also like to do panel quilts and plan the blocks to go around to make the quilt big enough (50×70). I like men’s quilts because there is to few patterns for them. Victoria Quilts makes quilts for people under going cancer treatments.

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