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Taking Quilt Photos Outdoors…

March 11, 2021


I was scrolling through a bunch of photos today, and came across these from last July, when we were getting ready for our August Online Quilt Magazine to be published.

Sometimes it’s fun (or maybe slightly embarrassing) to peek behind the scenes and see what REALLY happens….

Our “Charmed Star” quilt was a bit of a last minute rush – I made it, and then a friend with a longarm machine quilted it for me, and then (running out of time), I had to draft a couple of helpers to help me photograph it in time to make the cover.  What do they say – never work with animals or children???  I thought young adults might be easier….

You probably know these tips for photographing quilts out of doors anyway, but a refresher never hurts, and you can have a chuckle at us along the way.

Firstly, find somewhere not too dark.  From memory, it was getting to later in the afternoon, and although this little old train station is really cute, it was too much in the shadow and this just didn’t work.

Likewise on the train tracks (don’t worry – no chance of a train coming along here – it’s for weekend steam train rides only).

Still too much in the shadow, and where you do see patches of sun, the quilt becomes a bit see-through and you see the seams. Good for stained glass, but not great for quilt photos.

And then there’s the issue with the helpers…  This one just wanted to wear the quilt! Hmmmm…

Then we turned the opposite direction, and found a much better look.

Quilt in the sun – tick

Quilt held up straight – tick

Background scenery – tick

Hanging nicely – nope.  Gotta watch out for that wind.

Helpers hidden – do feet count??

(Our arms are sore…!!!)

Ta dah! Got it!  Held fairly straight, in the sun so nice and bright, and no feet visible.

And here’s the cover you had last August.

It’s not always quite this much drama to get a cover shot, but we enjoyed this one, and we hope you did too.

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Enjoy your week!

Happy Quilting,




6 responses to “Taking Quilt Photos Outdoors…”

  1. Charlene Cairn says:

    It’s very reassuring to find other people also have trouble getting a decent photo of a finished quilt.

  2. Trish Drinkwater says:

    Oh I love this!!! Really gave me a much needed giggle. Isn’t it amazing the way youngsters use technology as they do but still do things like “wearing the quilt” that others before them have done years ago! It’s calming knowing some things don’t change!

  3. Joanne says:

    but the feet are fun and make ya laugh

  4. Valerie Dale says:

    Loved this look behind the scene. I would like to try taking quilt photos outdoor. Getting it straight is always difficult.

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