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I’m still here……

August 30, 2021

I’m still here……


I’m so sorry – there’s been a big silence from here over the past few months, and I really didn’t mean to, but life kinda just happened. Don’t worry – everything is fine, but I just got busy, and with one thing leading to another, they all ended up leading me away from posting anything here.

Today is just a chatty post really to fill you in on my past few months…

I escaped!  No – I didn’t do anything against our covid rules, but I did manage a quick trip to northern New South Wales and into Queensland for a week back in April.  (Yes – it’s been THAT long!)  I got on a plane  –  twice (!) and visited Mum and Dad for our at-home-sewing-retreat.

We actually got heaps done too.  I’ve forgotten now, but we did sew something like 5-6 different quilt projects and I managed to quilt two of them as well.  It was a busy week, but great to finally see Annette again face to face for some proper quilting catching up.

After that we did a quick family trip to trek up Mt Kosciuszko.  It’s Australia’s highest mountain (OK – not that big compared to most other mountains, but it’s our biggest), and you can walk up to the top.  As you can see – the views from the top were well worth the trek, and we were glad of the 6 different layers we all had bundled on when we got there!

Life is a bit different again now.

As part of “Greater Sydney”, we are back in lockdown, and I think this is our 10th week now. There’s no quick end in sight, but three of us have had our first vaccinations, and we’re very grateful for that.

It’s been OK for us – Miss 15 is fairly happily homeschooling, and Master 17 is still working.  My husband has taken over the dining room pretty much for his work from home, and all of them seem to think a hot lunch is part and parcel of staying home!  It’s been cold, and there has been a degree of comfort eating, but I am glad I can escape to my little studio cabin down the back and play with fabric.

(There’s a lot of this going on by one member of the family)

And I may have done a bit of online shopping myself…..

(Disclaimer – not mine!)

On a more quilty note though, I have been busy with all sorts of new projects that I can’t wait to share with you!

Here’s a sneak peek of a new project for this year’s Quilter’s Advent Calendar (and it’s not what you think it is!).

I’ve just been diagnosed with this… (again – not my photo) – I don’t play tennis, but the result is the same.  Is there such a thing as quilter’s elbow???  It’s not too bad but I have a funky brace to wear on my arm when I do things for a bit.

And finally, aren’t these pretty?  It’s another sneak peek of a brand new project that will be featured in our new Online Quilt Magazine September issue, so keep an eye on your Inboxes for it to be released in about a week.

We’ll talk about something proper and quilty next time, but until then, stay safe and well, and enjoy your quilting!


8 responses to “I’m still here……”

  1. Wendy Habel says:

    Hello Judy,
    I’m a new reciever of the online magazine.
    Covid certainly has a lot to answer for.!!
    My family live on the central coast and I’m in lockdown in Western Victoria!!!
    Keep up the surprises it keeps as going !

  2. MoeWest says:

    Good to hear from you! I was surprised that you only have your first covid shot so far, so I Googled Australia’s rollout stats. We started about 2 months before you here in Canada. I hope you can get your 2nd shot soon. It’s good that we have our quilting stash to keep us going while staying home! Stay safe.

  3. Peggy says:

    Hi Jody,
    Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you’re in lockdown again, but it’s for the best. In Maryland our positivity rate is up to 4.92%, BUT my county is up to 8.11% (August 27th). Mask up folks, and remember, if Delta takes over, the quilt supply companies will close again and then where will we be!!!

  4. penny kasteel says:

    Have missed you, but have been very busy with UFOs. Being confined to a very untidy sewing room does make you finish things. We have been one of the lucky towns with no cases, but still, because of the spread to western NSW, we are in lockdown (I assume you know NSW sands for Newcastle Sydney Woolongong, anywhere else is lumped into western NSW & is treated as a small unimportant rest of the state. Sorry, shouldn’t complain by it does get a bit annoying. Stay safe.

    • Jody Admin says:

      Sorry to hear you’re locked down too. Hope you’re staying safe, and at least you’re getting some UFO’s done. Send me some photos of finished projects and I’ll be happy to include them in our next “Show and Tell”.

  5. Heidi Frost says:

    Yes Covid has a lot to answer for. If I did not had my quilting I would go crazy! I live in South Africa and our new cases are very very high, still over 13 000 new cases every day and it seems it wont let up. Now there is talk of a 4st wave what will most likely hit us in November. So I envy you, Australia, with only so few new cases, however even 1 new case is too much. But keep it up you ladies with quilting, it will keep you mind from the “bad”things in life like Covid. And enjoy the day

  6. Scott Laughlin says:

    Hi Jody,

    I’m glad you are okay. Yesterday I finished a quilted pillow for our youngest daughter. And now I have begun a wrap- around quilt for my wife. I visit her everyday and we sit outside so I can read aloud a chapter from a novel. I’ve written her a letter everyday, approaching #600.
    The quilt in progress is so we can continue our outside visits.

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