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How Cute is This???

September 27, 2021


My goodness time has flown this past month.  I know it always seems like it when you get to this time of year, but really… end of September already???  I have to confess… I’m working on your next Quilter’s Advent Calendar right now, and there’s a bunch of new patterns and things to learn, so keep an eye out for our EarlyBird special in the next few weeks.

Today’s our Wedding Anniversary too.  As I said to Annette (Mum) this morning, we’re 19 years into a life sentence (!), and still happily doing our ‘thing’. Mind you, if he calls my quilts “Rugs” again one more time…..!!!!

Nevermind…. Today I thought you might enjoy Annette’s little Knitted Doll pattern.  It was in the Premium Online Quilt Magazine a couple of months ago, but they’re so cute we just had to share.  Check them out –

These cuties are the easiest dolls you’ll ever knit. Just make a rectangle and you’re done!

The dolls measure about 6-7 inches high and little children love them. Make them for your own littlies or to donate to your local hospital. Enjoy making each one different, with or without hats, long pants or short, faces different – get creative!

Our doll is 7 inches high.


You Will Need:

Odds and ends of yarn of 6 to 8 ply (DK weight). Fluffy or fringed yarn for hair.

Pair of knitting needles – UK size 10 or 3.25mm, US 3

Small amount of hobbyfill or other for stuffing

Darning needle for hand sewing wool



With the knitting needles and black or white yarn (for shoes), cast on 35 stitches.

1st Row. Purl (right side)

Knit 3 rows.

Change to pants colour.

Working one row knit, one row purl (stocking stitch), work 14-16 rows for the pants. (Approx. 2 inches of pants.)

If you want to do a belt, knit two rows in a contrasting colour.

Now his sweater.  Working in stocking stitch as for the pants, change to your new colour and work about 12 rows.

Now for his face.

Change to pink or brown yarn, and in stocking stitch work 10 rows.

(My pink yarn happens to be thinner (6 ply) which isn’t necessary, but makes it easier to stitch on the facial features.)


Change to a fluffy type of yarn for the hair.

I worked two rows knit, then changed to hat colour, but if you just want hair on his head, then keep going in knit.

(My little chap was looking rather plain, so I changed to some two-row stripes for his hat. I’ll match the colours to his scarf at the end.)

Hat (or continue for hair).

With hat colour and stocking stitch (one row knit, one row purl), work 4 rows without shaping.

Next row *K5, K2tog* and repeat to end.

Next row purl.

Next row *K4, K2tog* to end.

Purl one row.

Next row *K1, K2tog* to end.

Then purl 2tog right across.

Next row K3tog, *K2tog* repeat to end.

Purl one row (4 stitches), cut yarn and gather up as pictured.



Now put right sides together and stitch up using the cut off ends of yarn.

Leave the bottom of his feet open.

Turn right sides out.

Stuff lightly with your hobbyfill.

The body will tighten up as you sew the neck, arms and legs.

Sew the bottom edge (feet) closed, and bury the ends.

The seam goes at the centre of the back.

Run a gather stitch using face colour yarn around the neckline, starting and ending at the back seam.

Pull these ends to make a narrower neck, and knot together securely.

Bury the ends.

Using pants-coloured yarn, sew a backstitched line from his shoes up to ½ inch from his belt, tightly joining between his legs to the back seam.

Then, using sweater colour, stitch up from his belt to ½ inch below his neck/shoulders – tightly joining front to back and creating his arms, (hands in pockets) as shown.


Using black for eyes, just below the hairline do two stitches three face rows apart and two stitches high.

I worked a two-row-wide mouth in light brown, centred below the eyes.


You can knit a scarf (cast on, then cast off), or make a twisted cord of your chosen colours.

I used two yellow and one white strand and twisted them. Knot each end so they don’t unravel and knot the scarf around his neck so it doesn’t come off.

I think you’re done! Show it to your  littlies and watch them enjoy your work.


Have a great week, and get busy knitting if you need a break from sewing.


6 responses to “How Cute is This???”

  1. MoeWest says:

    Thank you! These are really cute and easy to make! I know a few little people who will love them.

  2. Meg M Harmon says:


  3. Wendy Habel says:

    CWA of Victoria have been making these for years. Perfect for young people in hospital. Also good to place them with refuges, or when children have to go into emergency care.
    Your mum’s interpretation is beautiful

  4. KAREN says:


  5. Sharon Hamilron says:

    They are delightful!

  6. penny kasteel says:

    wonderful project to teach a child to knit

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