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Creativebug Class Review – Wholecloth Quilting with Anna Maria Horner

March 4, 2022

Creativebug Class Review – Wholecloth Quilting with Anna Maria Horner


Last week I finally got organised enough to do something I’ve been meaning to try for ages, and I loved it!  I joined Creativebug and took a couple of their online classes. If you haven’t seen Creativebug before, it’s an online streaming platform for craft classes – there’s a variety of different teachers, and a huge selection of classes on all sorts of different crafty topics.

I’ve only looked at a couple of classes, but my favourite so far is Anna Maria Horner’s Wholecloth Quilting Class.

She explained how to use the print on a large piece of fabric as your quilting guide, and by quilting around the printed shapes, you not only add texture to the front, but if you use a contrasting thread, you also add a stitched detail on the backing.

This class went for only about 40 minutes, but Anna Maria covered a lot of ground in that time.

I liked her method for hand basting – sew a large ‘+’ first, then a ‘x’, and then spiral your way from the outer edges into the centre.

As Anna Maria said, “The goal of hand quilting is that your stitches look the same on the back side as they do on the front side.”

Putting the needle through at a 90 degree angle ensures this, and gives lovely neat stitches too!

You can also use this method for hand quilting without following the printed pattern.  Straight lines look great too (and it’s really easy to do) as well. She had a couple of great tips on how to start on the top, and finish on the back, so your stitching doesn’t come undone or look uneven, and the band-aid thimble idea is a keeper!

I needed a quick Birthday gift for a friend, and since I was going to make her a table runner anyway, I thought I’d give this a go instead.

I had some great protea flower design fabric, and it honestly was so quick and easy to quilt like this.  I love hand sewing on front of the TV at night (and it stops me from falling asleep and missing the end of my shows!), and this only took a few nights to finish.

Front above …. and back below.

And Ta Dah!!!  Bound and ready to wrap and give.

I’ve lined up several more classes that look really interesting, and I’ll let you know how I go with them too.

Creativebug is offering a free trial right now, so it’s really easy to register and have a good look around.  If you want to stay a member, it’s less than $10 / month and there’s a few different levels of membership within that.

If you register for Creativebug through these links we may earn a very small commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through our link, in fact in some cases we can offer you a better price via an affiliate link (and it’s FREE for the first 7 days too!). These commissions help us to be able to keep providing you with great content. Thank you, in advance for your support.

Have a play around and see what you can learn!

I’m off to check out another one….


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