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You Might Just Want To Try One of These…

August 6, 2020

You Might Just Want To Try One of These…

This week we took a look at the Duo Fabric Marker and Eraser set from Sewline.  They come in a fine, or a medium set, and we took the medium set through its paces.


The pen is designed to mark fabrics with clean, even lines, and the medium marking pen has a special smooth textile nib.

The medium set eraser pen has a great chisel tip which makes it super easy to use.


The marking pen wrote really easily on our cotton fabric, and did not bleed at all, or come through to the back of the fabric.


(The first picture above showed a single marked line, then one gone over three times, then a good solid colour scribble.  The second photo shows the wrong side of that fabric.  You can not see the single line at all; the triple line only just, and the coloured in blob a little more.)

When you want to erase your markings, simply run over the line/s with the eraser pen.  You just need to go lightly, and the marks disappear.  To try, I went a couple of times on the one line as you can see, and it looked a little damp, but this disappeared too when it dried.


We tried a few different shapes, and were really pleased with just how easy it is to use, and that the tip wrote smoothly over the fabric, and the ink flow was consistent, so we didn’t have to go over anything a second time.

When I trace designs onto plain cotton fabric for stitchery or embroidery projects, I usually trace it first, then iron a piece of light pellon to the back, and this means sometimes that despite my best intentions, the pen marks are more likely to be ironed too, than not.

I wanted to test this out too, and gave this piece a good hot iron before trying the eraser pen again.  As you can see – there was no problem with that third squiggle coming out at all.  I love this bit, but would caution you to try it on a small area of your fabric first, before you get too carried away.

Held up to the light, and you cannot see any trace of any marks at all!


This marker pen set is said to erase marks even from under stitching, so we gave that a go too.

Simple backstitch over a few lines, and only slightly more effort with the eraser pen, and it came out too!

(Have to say I like this feature too, as I don’t always stitch EXACTLY on the lines….)

This set is one we’d recommend, and will be definitely using again. We have no affiliation with Sewline at all, but wanted to just let you know how we went.  If you’re interested at all,  you can find stockists in Australia and NZ through , and internationally via

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