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Super Quick Pieced Square Pincushion Pattern

June 14, 2023


I’ve had a bit of a (long overdue) tidy up in my studio this week, and amongst all the treasures I re-found, I came across a bunch of favourite scraps that were left over from some previous quilt projects.

I know there’s lots of things to do with scraps, and I will go through some of my best options in coming blog posts, but a solid favourite to use up some small scraps is always a pincushion, and I thought this week you might like to try our super quick, pieced square pincushion with some of your fabric leftovers.

Here’s our pattern:


Super Quick Pieced Square Pincushion Pattern

You can’t go past a pieced square for a pincushion, and not only is this quick and easy to make, but it’s great for showing off a favoured feature fabric, and this fun pincushion makes a great gift or stocking stuffer too!  (I know it’s early, but it’s not THAT early to be thinking Christmas…. watch this space for our Extra Special Quilter’s Christmas Advent Calendar Earlybird Sale next month!!  That’s a mouthful, but it’s soooooo worth it!)

Back to the pattern…


This pincushion is approximately 3½ inches square and 1½ inches high.


You Will Need:

Small amounts of four different fabrics

Stuffing for the pincushion

Needle and matching thread

Cut the following pieces:

For your centre square, cut one square measuring 2½ x 2½ inches.

For the purple triangles next to the centre, cut one square measuring 3¼ x 3¼ inches, then cross cut it diagonally twice, to give you four triangles.

Next, the maroon triangles. Cut 4 squares measuring 1 7/8 x 1 7/8 inches and cross cut them diagonally once, to give you 8 triangles.

Finally, for the outer corners, cut four squares measuring 1½ x 1½ inches square.

Lay out your pieces as pictured above.

Join one maroon triangle to one side of the purple triangle and press.

Join the remaining maroon triangles and press well.

Now it’s like a 9 patch block.

Sew your pieces into horizontal rows, and press seams in opposite directions between the rows.

Join your rows to finish your pieced block. This square should measure 4½ inches square.

Cut a backing square to match. (4½ x 4½ inches).  We used the same fabric as our corner squares.

With right sides together, sew the top to the back, making sure to leave most of the middle of one side open.

Turn right sides out and stuff, then tuck in the seam allowances at the gap and hand sew closed to finish.

Ta dah – one finished pieced square pincushion!  That quick and super easy to boot!


I like to have a few of these kinds of small projects on hand for those times when you need to give a quick gift, and if the recipient is a quilter too, then you know they’ll love it.  Add a packet of special pins, and you know it will be appreciated and used.

What do you like giving for quick handmade gifts?

What would you like to receive??

Share your thoughts in the comments – I’d love to hear.


Enjoy your week!






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