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Fun Pattern – Hexie Pieced Bowl

November 9, 2023

Fun Pattern – Hexie Pieced Bowl


I know… it’s only November, but the way this year’s flown by, it WILL be Christmas before we know it!

I’m feeling festive already, and I’m quite looking forward to the end of the year too.  Not in a good-riddance-to-this-year kind of way at all, but I just love the Christmassy vibes and all the more relaxed seasonal things that go with Christmas-time, and I’m looking forward to some good extended-family time too.

I love gift giving too, and they’re only small, but I do hope you’ll have a go at making our Hexie Pieced Bowl this week.  They’re really fun and surprisingly quick and easy to make.  I love too that you can use fabrics to theme your hexie pieced bowls for any occasion – from a Thanksgiving lunch, to a colour-themed Christmas – the choice is yours!

Let me show you how…

Hexie Pieced Bowl Pattern

Why not make a few pieced fabric bowls, to hold trinkets or Christmas Candy?

They are quick and easy to make, and you’ll whip them up in no time!

Our bowl has a diameter of 8 inches, and is 3 inches high.


You Will Need:

Small amount of fabric/s of your choice – we used purple for the bases and mid blue for the outside, with fussy cut hexies from a blue and gold print fabric for the inside.

12 thin cardboard elongated hexagons (template attached)

2 thin cardboard 2 inch hexagons (template attached)

Needle, and both matching and contrasting thread

Glue stick for basting if you prefer this method



This fabric bowl is double-sided, and uses a total of 12 elongated hexies, and 2 regular hexies.

Using the templates provided, trace and cut these shapes from the light cardboard / thick paper.  Place a hexie shape on the wrong side of your fabric and cut around it, leaving about a ¼ inch fabric allowance on all sides.

(You can download the templates from: )

You need to make 12 of these elongated hexies.  If fussy cutting some, mark the centre of each hexie to help with placement of the fabric.

Thread a needle with a contrasting thread, knot the end and fold the fabric to the back over the hexagon shape, securing with a simple running stitch, one side at a time, or glue baste if you prefer that.

Cover all your shapes – 6 elongated in one colour, 6 elongated in another colour, and the 2 regular hexies in the third colour.

Arrange your first set of elongated hexies as pictured, around a regular hexie base and sew them together.

Use a matching thread to sew them together. Start by joining them to the base hexie, then sew the sides.

To join two hexagons together, hold with right sides together and edges matching and whip stitch carefully at the top to secure that seam.

These hexies will stick up, to form the bowl shape.

Do the same then with the remaining set of 6 elongated hexies and the second base hexie.

This set is facing outwards, for the outside of the bowl.

Place the inner bowl in to the outer bowl and carefully sew them together around the top edges.  The fit is snug, but needed to give the bowl strength. Leave the cardboard in.

Remove the contrasting basting threads and fill up your bowl!

You might like to have a play with bigger hexie pieced bowls too – add more hexies to the base to make it large enough to sit a dessert bowl in perhaps??

Have a play and see what you can create!

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and we’d love to see photos of any bowls that you make.






4 responses to “Fun Pattern – Hexie Pieced Bowl”

  1. Peggy Griffin says:

    Great to hold a hot bowl too if you use a little thicker material.

  2. I would use template plastic or similar instead of cardboard as that would make the bowls washable.

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